Robert Steven Goldstein retired from his job as a healthcare information executive at age fifty-six and has been writing novels ever since. His first novel, The Swami Deheftner, about problems that ensue when ancient magic and mysticism manifest in the twenty-first century, has developed a small cult following in India. His second novel, Enemy Queen, an erotic thriller set in a North Carolina college town, was published in 2020. Robert’s third novel, Cat’s Whisker, coming in September, 2021, probes the perceived rift between science and spirituality. His fourth novel, Dali-esque, about the peripatetic machinations of a dysfunctional family, is due out in June, 2022. Robert lives in San Francisco with Sandy, his wife of thirty-three years, and Cali, a fearless, lovable Akita/Cattle-Dog. Robert has practiced yoga, meditation, and vegetarianism for over fifty years.

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The Swami Deheftner

In this evocative novel, Solomon Deheftner achieves fame as a stage magician and escapologist in the tradition of the Great Houdini. But he abandons that career to search for something far more elusive: the profound magic inherent in mystical transcendence.

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