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Cat’s Whisker

a novel

Is the rift between science and spirituality irreparable?

Cat’s Whisker chronicles the life of Samuel Baron, an engineer, inventor, and successful entrepreneur. Trained as a scientist, Baron nonetheless nurtures a lifelong fascination with mysticism and spirituality. His life is a search—ultimately a successful one—for a view of the cosmos where science and spirituality don’t just peacefully coexist—but where the two are intimately bound up as co-equal aspects of an integrated and inspiring reality.

Cat’s Whisker features themes as varied and interesting as meditation, Jiu Jitsu, biology, anthropology, Tai Chi, BDSM—and the search for the perfect cocktail.

Those who take on Cat’s Whisker will find it evocative, emotionally moving, intellectually stimulating—and perhaps most importantly—they will find that it probes human spirituality in a manner that is revelatory and uplifting.

Its first chapter, “An Old Dog,” was published as a stand-alone piece of fiction in the online literary journal Leaping Clear, which features works by artists with ongoing meditative or contemplative practices.

Cat’s Whisker will be published by Koehler Books; its scheduled publication date is September 27th, 2021.